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Licensing center of the Football Federation of Ukraine ensures the training of coaches and giving coaching licenses in accordance with the UEFA Coaching Convention at all levels ("PRO", "A", "B"). The system of coaching education is based on the exchange of experience, training of coaches in the leading Ukrainian and foreign football clubs and studying of modern emerging technologies to hold the training process in football with leading experts in football and other areas.

The main goal - that educational work for the collective members of the Football Federation of Ukraine




- preparation of highly qualified coaches for work in the national teams of Ukraine, the teams of craftsmen, the Olympic Reserve School and high school sports;


- to organize the studying of coaches, who claims to get the coaching licenses;


- promotion of new scientific developments in the branch of sport, scientific organization and management of the training process, with the use of modern teaching methods and a wide exchange of best scientific and practical experience;


- development of training plans, programs and guidelines of the disciplines of the curriculum, the preparation and publication of educational, teaching and learning aids;


- organizing and facilitating the development and implementation of methods of rapid assessment of the health of athletes;


- organization of study and training of coaches of the Football Federation of Ukraine in foreign sports teams and clubs, as well as foreign coaches teams and clubs of the Football Federation of Ukraine.

Shamardin Valeriy - director of Licensing Centre, Doctor of Science in Physical Education and Sports, Professor, Honored coach of Ukraine


Licensing Centre of Football Federation of Ukraine
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